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All-in-one market engagement platform for the EU public and private sector.

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Introducing Sorsera

Sorsera is a collaboration platform for anyone involved in procurement.

We connect Buyers, suppliers, partners and specialists to drive cross-border cooperation and improve tendering outcomes.


Simple tools are powerful tools. Get started in minutes, not hours.

Built for organizations

We focus on the success of organizations - from large public Buyers to niche SME players.

Two-sided approach

Magic happens at the interaction point. Resourceful for Buyers, simple for Suppliers.

Market knowledge

Knowledgeable buyers can achieve better tender outcomes

Higher quality products and services

Reduction of tender and contractual risks

Good value-for-money

Level 1:  Knowledge of internal needs

The minimum threshold to engage in procurement is understanding the needs of your organization.

Level 2: Knowledge of supplier offering

Learn about the particular industry, identify relevant suppliers within their region product/service offering.

Level 3 : Knowledge of market potential

Well informed buyers know the status quo of the market, as well as its dynamics, trends and possibilities.

Sorsera features

Transform the way you approach procurement

Helping Buyers and Suppliers prepare better for procurements through easier communication.

Request for information

Know your market

Better prepare for tenders and gather offers by launching Request for information with simple steps

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Connect with your market

Connect with suppliers, buyers and partners using the Sorsera conversations tool. Built for cross-organization conversations.

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Market analysis

Analyze your market

Stay informed by exploring your suppliers, customers and partners. Analyze public procurement data in different ways.

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We are here to help both sides

Explore how we can help your organization form win-win relationships with other market participants


See how Sorsera can help you gather critical information for your procurement and purchasing decisions.

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Find business opportunities and reach out to potential customers ahead of tendering

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